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A little about the BBS, it started out back in the late 1996 but due to the Internet and that being the new kid on the block and everyone going crazy with the new toy, I closed the BBS in 98. You may wonder why I didn't stick with it, the main reason is that the domain name was taken. Tells you a lot about keeping your domain name, even if you are not using it at the time! So, in 2001 I reopened the BBS that you see now. I remember three years we had a BBS party, wow was 1996 a good one. We had it at one of the local state parks. about 125 people showed up for three Sys0p's from three differant boards. (I must repeat, wow!)

But here we are again, back up and waiting just for you to jump in a message area or file area or play some of the registered doors or registered league doors we have here!

Ok, all 143 registered online door games are now up, more then enough for any of the serious door game players! Also if your looking for good door leagues to play in, then we hope you have come to the right spot! In the message areas we have Fidonet, sciNet, fsxnet, micronet, and Spooknet. And of course I'm always on the lookout for good files for the file areas, but that also means you can upload too, the more files the better, I'm mainly interested in old DOS and old Windows Programs, Windows 95 and before.

After signing up and using the validation process feel free to look around, make sure to checkout the message areas, file areas and all the other features of this BBS, If you have any questions drop me a line or two!

Havok in the 80's hard at work, of course you can see that!

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