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This site is operated as a labor of love and many hours of hard work by After Hours BBS and it's support staff.There are NO subscriptions or mandatory fees for using this site. Any monies received as GIFTS or DONATIONS go solely for the maintenance of the system. Your generosity is appreciated but not required.This is a free online community, friendly oriented system which is rated PG. If you're looking for a site that cares about values and strives to present a -SAFE- environment for personal entertainment then you have come to the right site.

The following User Rules will be strictly enforced here.

NO Bashing, Flaming or Slandering of other Users. Users which can not refrain from attacking others will be deleted.

NO Profanity, Blasphemy or Racism in messages, games or telenet chat. Conduct yourself in a polite manner, as you are a GUEST on our system.

NO Sexually explicit files, messages or chatting. This site is rated "PG"! You may not use your internet mail account to exchange adult message or files, go elsewhere to do this, we will not permit our site to be used for this.

NO Duplicate Accounts to circumvent file ratios or time limits. One account per user for those connecting via the internet and One account per HOUSEHOLD for those connecting via a dialup connection (we only have one phone line). Users suspected of abusing the generosity of our site by opening multiple accounts under various e-mail addresses will be suspended and all suspect accounts WITH them!

NO Uploading or exchanging of Non-Public-Domain (NPD) Files or Cracked/Hacked Games/Unprotect. No solicitation of users for such files via e-mail is permitted. We HATE piracy and all software pirates WILL be reported to the SPA and local authorities. You don't do this on our site.

NO Junk File Uploads. Please use PKZIP to compress uploaded files. Do not upload parts of programs as individual files or the same file under different names to boost your file ratio. Such uploads will be deleted and your file ratio will be "docked" for such an obvious and pathetic waste of system time and resources. If you don't understand good file exchange etiquette then you need to learn it. Leave a message to the sysop if you require education.

NO E-Mail Spamming. You may not use your internet mail account to send unsolicited junk mail or business solicitations to other users.

About Messages:

We love users who choose to contribute to our message base. Try to keep online conversations on topic and relevant to the conference in which you are participating. Please do not attack other users in the message base or in e-mail. Do not post commercial advertisements in public message areas. Violators will have their message base access revoked.

About Files:

You can download files both from within the site via HTTP. Or use an telnet client and login with your registered user name to and when it asks for your Although it is not necessary to upload anything we do accept uploads provided the software is shareware or freeware.People distributing or soliciting NPD or commercial software will be reported to the SPA. Uploads are ONLY accepted in File Area #1 "File Uploading Area". Direct your uploads to this file area only.

About chat:

chat is restricted to local site chat, there is no IRC access available. This is a user friendly site therefore the following rules apply to all users engaging in online chat with other users:

NO profanity of any type is allowed at ANY TIME.
NO sexually explicit conversations are allowed.
NO discussion of illegal activities. This includes the use of illegal substances, & the distribution of NPD (non-public-domain) software or other 'hacking' activities.
NO fighting. Do not provoke others by name calling or flaming.
Users who abuse chatting privileges by annoying others will be suspended from chat. So be courteous to others.

We do monitor chats through a CHAT LOG and with CHAT MONITORS. Any violation of the rules will result in chat access SUSPENSION. If you observe anyone breaking these rules, report them!


If you are UNWILLING TO ABIDE by the terms of this notice, you are advised to cease your use of  The Asylum BBS immediately and request that the sysop delete your account. This is a private system & the sole property of  After Hours BBS, and the SYSTEM OPERATORS.

PURSUANT TO THE ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATIONS PRIVACY ACT OF 1986 (18 U.S.C. 2510 et seq.), notice is hereby given that there are NO facilities provided by this system for sending or receiving _CONFIDENTIAL_ electronic communications. The System Operator and assignees reserve the right to read all messages left by any user, & may also edit, move or delete public AND private messages when necessary to preserve the continuity, integrity and overall subject matter of the BBS which is under their sole ownership, responsibility and financial control.

ALL "PRIVATE" MAIL TO AND FROM YOU IS NOT REALLY PRIVATE and may be read and/or passed on to third parties by the System Operator & his or her designated representatives if they so chooses. Allmessages become the property of the System Operator and may notbe displayed elsewhere without his or her permission unless prior copyright of material is evident in the original text.

THE SYSTEM OPERATOR CAN, AND OFTEN WILL, READ ALL MESSAGES left on this system, including "Private" messages addressed to persons other than the System Operator, and not normally available to other users. The System Operator reserves the right to delete _any_ messages, regardless of whether such message has been received by its intended recipients). The System Operator reserves the right to change the status of a message marked as "private" so that the message is public & available to all callers. The status of a message may be changed whenever, in the discretion of the System Operator, it is believed appropriate to do so.

YOU AGREE THAT NO LIABILITY OF ANY KIND for any matters relating directly or indirectly to your use, or the use of anyone else, whether authorized or not, of this computer system, will impugn the System Operator. You agree to hold harmless & to indemnify the System Operator from any action relating directly or indirectly to matters relating to this computer bulletin board system.

YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT YOU HAVE BEEN EXPRESSLY WARNED that files on this site carry no warranty of any kind and may not work and may even cause damage to your computer system if downloaded. The System Operator makes no warranties, either express or implied, with regard to software obtained from this system & hereby disclaims any & all implied warranties of merchantability & fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will the System Operator be liable for incidental or consequential damages, including, but not limited to, destruction of data or damage to your equipment. The System Operator can't be held responsible for the software on this system. All software is taken by you "as is" and you assume the entire risk of any harm from the use of said software.

THE SYSTEM OPERATORS OF After Hours BBS ENDEAVOR to make every effort to thoroughly virus scan all files uploaded to MCBBS, however no anti-viral program is perfect and at times they do not detect new Trojans or code. Therefore it is advised that it is the USER'S SOLE RESPONSIBILITY to virus scan all files received from this system & that the System Operator may not be held liable for any virus's, Trojans or code contained in said files. One downloads and uses files completely at their own risk!

YOU ACKNOWLEDGE THAT MESSAGES MAY BE OFFENSIVE in content & agree not to bring any action of any kind against either the System Operator or any other user of this system as a result of the messages & content available on this system.

YOU AGREE NOT TO POST OFFENSIVE MESSAGES or to encourage others to do the same. The System Operators of this BBS reserves the right to delete any messages that are deemed inappropriate for this system regardless of whether they are public or private in nature.

YOU AGREE NOT TO USE THIS SYSTEM FOR ANY ILLEGAL PURPOSE OR ACTIVITY, or to discuss or advocate any illegal activities, whether in private or public electronic communications. This includes, but is not limited to, the use of illegal substances, underage drinking, cracking commercial programs or distributing information on acquiring Non-Public-Domain files, hacking into unauthorized systems & phone phreaking.

YOU AGREE NOT TO INTENTIONALLY DO ANYTHING ON THIS BBS THAT MAY DAMAGE THE COMPUTER hardware, software, data files, or otherwise obstruct this system's operation in any way.

THE SYSTEM OPERATOR'S) After Hours BBS RESERVES THE RIGHT, WITHOUT LIMITATION, TO GRANT "SYSOP" STATUS to other persons. Such authorized persons would have access to all communications on this site & may have all rights of a System Operator, including but not limited to the ability to delete or change the status of messages and/or users. You also agree that the opinions expressed on this board do not necessarily reflect the views of anyone other than the author of said message.

YOU HAVE NO RIGHT OF ACCESS TO THIS SYSTEM. Upon violation of the guidelines of The Asylum BBS you will find your access either restricted or removed. Further upon violation of  The Asylum BBS guidelines your messages may be screened and/or deleted at the System Operator's absolute discretion.

THOUGH THE SYSTEM OPERATOR'S STRIVES TO SCREEN ALL UPLOADS AND MESSAGES POSTED FOR ILLEGAL CONTENT, they cannot always screen them all. This is why you agree that it is up to the user's sole discretion as to what should or should not be uploaded, downloaded, and/or posted. In no event shall the System Operator be held liable for your actions or the actions of another on this system.

THREATENING PEOPLE WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and anyone whom makes threats towards another person, will be reported to the proper authorities.

THREAT: A communicated intention to inflict personal harm. In many jurisdictions, statutes forbid any person to use threats or other unlawful communications. Threats made with an intention to obtain a financial advantage, intimidate a person, compel a person to act against his/her will, or to prevent a person from engaging in a lawful occupation are forbidden. Also forbidden are threats to use a deadly weapon on another person, injure another person or his/her property, maim or wound another, and injure anyone's creditworthiness or general reputation. Other unlawful communications include letters tending to provoke a breach of the peace & letters to discredit the sexual reputation of a male/female.


If you want to make an optional monetary DONATION to the site, click on the icon below. We expect non-donating users to give back to the site in non-monetary ways in exchange for free access. These ways include uploading if you are a file user, or posting messages if you're a gamer. If you don't feel you can give back to the site in this manner, please consider donating $10, $20, $30 or $40 or more.You can sendemail to us with any further questions.

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